The park has tremendous diversity in topography and vegetation.

There are 54 campsites around the Circuit, 4 cooking shelters, group sites, emergency phones and rustic cabins to share for emergency use or for drying out. The scenery is spectacular and there are many opportunities to see wildlife.

Bowron Lake Provincial Park is a beautiful untouched wilderness in the western Cariboo Mountain Range.   Contained within is a 116km Canoe Circuit that is world renowned for its unique shape, chain of lakes, short portages, and the unique feature that the traveler arrives at the same location where he or she began!  Expect to spend between 6 and 10 days (maximum of 14 days) to complete the entire circuit.  There is also a shorter “West Side Trip” available that usually takes between 2 and 4 days and allows the visitor to experience the incredibly beautiful Unna and Rum lakes and the 24m Cariboo River Falls. It is highly recommended that those who attempt the circuit have some wilderness canoeing experience. Click here for Circuit Reservations.

There is also a 25 unit drive-in campground that is a short distance from both the Registration Centre and Bowron Lake itself.  For any further information needed, please visit the park’s official website at:

Bowron Lake Maps are available at the Registration Centre. We also sell waterproof maps to bring on the Bowron Circuit. You can also view a map here: Click for map